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Forms & Funds

QZAB, QSCB & Stimulus Funds

QZAB, Grants, Other Bonds

Public School Building Capital Fund

Panic Alarm System Matching Grant - 2014-15 

State Bond Projects

Construction Cost Reporting

Construction Projects

Feasibility and Cost Analysis

Required by Statute, prior to investment of money, when proposing to replace existing school buildings.

Project Transmittal Sheet

Other Information

2007 Recycling Survey 


2015-16 Facility Needs Survey Report

2010-11 Facility Needs Survey Report

2005-06 Facility Needs Survey Report 


Local School Bond Issues Since 1995   1 / 2017

COPs QSCBs QZABs and Other Bonds Since 2006 10 / 2017

Bid & Construction Laws for Public Schools

School Planning Personnel Directory

Educational Facility Presentations

Handbook For Finance Officers Regarding Funding of School Capital Projects


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