North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Panic Alarm System Matching Grants

LEAs, regional schools, and charter schools are eligible to apply for funding for Panic Alarm Systems in Schools.  Awards will be matched on the basis of one dollar ($1.00) in state funds for every ($1.00 in local funds).  Panic Alarm Systems shall be defined as systems that send a signal to the nearest local law enforcement agency via a button, switch, or pendant that will elicit an immediate response from the local law enforcement agency. Local funds must supplement and not supplant, state, local, and federal funds for School Resources Officers.

LEAs, regional schools, and charter schools may use these funds to employ Panic Alarm Systems in Schools.



2016 Panic Alarm System Matching Grant


2016 Panic Alarm Grant Request Instructions and Form

Panic Alarm Grant Instructions and Proposal


2016 Panic Alarm System Design Criteria

General Design Criteria for Panic Alarms